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tv   Your World With Neil Cavuto  FOX News  February 4, 2013 1:00pm-2:00pm PST

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classified information was at risk at all. but then there's last week. three of the nation's most respected newspapers each reported that it was the victim of sophisticated chinese computer hackerses now the fedses are going on the defensive. a full report tonight on fox reports 7:00 eastern, 6:00 central. the markets? well, they're down under a little bit tonight. came under heavy selling pressure, tumbling from a five-year high as traders worried about political uncertainty in the eurozone and watched energy prices sink yet again. some context. the dow roared because 14,000 last week but has retreated 133 so far today. >> then there's this before we wrap things up. we'll start at the end of this story. police in lincoln, nebraska, recently arrested a 19-year-old man on suspicion he drew marijuana.
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they made the arrest after they found equipment and pot used in grow operations in his home. why were the police in his home? because he let them in and why did he let them in? because he called police earlier in the day to report that two strangers forced their way into his home and stole two pipes. so just bring the cops in. what is this? this is my garden. smells a little different. stupid is as stupid does. see you back here tonight on fox report, and until then, have a great afternoon. captioned by closed captioning services inc. >> they nation's debt blowing past 16-1/2 trillion dollars today. is this any time for the president to be blowing another budget deadline? i'm in for have no could -- nelova suit to. and president obama talking gun control but republican lawmakers calling on him for this.
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slamming the president for missing the budget deadline. the fourth time in five years. >> going to be late. and some reports say it could be as long as a month late. i think that's too bad. our economy could use some presidential leadership right now. >> monica says without leadership, this money mess is getting worse. >> well, who needs the law. the law dictates that the president is supposed to submit a budget by a certain date, today, and fourth year in a row no budget. >> let's roll this out of neil. this is neil just five months ago. can we play that? take a listen. >> it does seem a bestbit ironic that we have, according to the united states treasurery, eclipsed a $16 trillion debt level collectively what we owe as nation now going over $16 trillion. >> that was five months ago. five months ago we spent
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500 billion -- half a trillion dollars. >> it's amazing. this president has committed budgets over the last couple of years but each one has been so obscene that he can't even get a single democrat to vote for his budget. so, whatever he proposed -- we talk about today's legal deadline. whatever he proposes is going to be so ludicrous that even members of his own party won't go along with it. every president since the end of world war ii of both parties has usually kept federal spending as a percentage of gdp between 18 and 21%. this president has ratcheted up the budget baseline to 25% of gtp. this the in the new normal no interest in bringing down the deficit or the debt. >> we just did this whole fiscal cliff thing at the end of the year. we thought hey had a deal where we're going to raise revenues this way and cut spending this way, blah blah blah. listen to what president barack obama said just this past sunday. >> there's no doubt we need
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additional revenue. coupled with smart spending reductions, in order to bring down our deficit. >> was he crossing his fingers behind his back when he negotiated the fiscal cliff deal? sounds like he is going after more revenue. >> he'll never stop trying to raise taxes. whether or not he can succeed i don't know. he comes out of a far left ideology that believes in class warfare and radical wealth restriction and to feed that you need tax revenue coming from the so-called 1% on whom he raised tax throw it the fiscal cliff deal. he knows the real now is with the mitting class so he is coming for you. so -- >> wait, wait. right there want you to listen to this. this is also what he said. >> can we close some loopholes and deductions that folks who are well-connected and have a lot of accounts and lawyers can take advantage of so they pay lower rates than the bus driver
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or a cop. can we close some those of loopholes? if you combine those things together then we cannot only reduce our deficit but we can continue to invest in things like education and research and development nat are going to help us grow. >> more spending. >> and when a guy like obama uses the word invest it means more government spending. he is not stopping trying to raise taxes and when he is talking about closing loopholes and deductions, that's something we all were talking about on the right, conservatives, republicans, as part of tax reform but that was in lieu of raising raising the top rate. he said i raised the top rate and now i want to close loopholes and deductions. so this is all ways of trying to get at the top rate. but remember, that's not where the real money is. it's with the middle class and he is coming to raise taxes on you. >> loopholes could be the mortgage interest deduction. that would generate a lot of money.
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>> yes. special lie the middle class. >> live it there. thanks for joining us. >> if you a ask harry reid, americans don't believe in spending cuts. >> the american people are on our side. the american people don't believe in this austere things. >> my next guest says harry has it wrong and has the polls to prove it. says mounting debt is major concern for most americans. tell us about it, sir. the polls would say that harry has it all wrong, do they not? >> they do. and also when you were discussing the president, as you know hi is talking about gun control and talking about immigration but it is debt now, and the deficit, that are the number two item in several recent polls of public concern. so they have shifted their attention, maybe past the philosophy -- fiscal cliff debate got their attention but now they're worried about it.
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recent polls show if you give people a choice between spending cuts, including cutting services, or tax increases, they prefer spending cuts. so, harry reid has is wrong. >> we just put a full screen up there cutting services 49%. some people say that. increasing taxes, 80%. both equally, only 11. people are interesting in cutting spending even if it means sacrificing services. that's accurate? >> absolutely. that's correct. and obviously this will be a balance. possibly some revenue and -- but there's going to be some cuts and we have already added 700 bill at the fiscal cliff which has hit almost everybody was 0 of payroll taxes. i think the public realizes at this point we have done the revenue side, at least to some extent, what about the spending cuts? >> floyd, it strikes me.
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we did this fiscal cliff thing. when it was down to the wire. i remember talking about we had cameras outside the white house. they came up with a deal at the very last second on new year's eve or new year's day, and promised that was it for revenues. going raise taxes from 36% up to 39.6%. we're going to raise capital gains taxes, they shook on it, and parted ways. here we are a month and a day later and president obama says, you know that revenue thing? they're going up. we have to raise more taxes. >> you're absolutely right. i think if you look at the inaugural address there was very little about the economy or about the deficit and debt in it, and for the most part that hasn't been where their attention is. clearly they don't want much in the way of spending cuts. if you listen to them, they feel they've already made some cuts and simply don't want to do anymore. so they're now looking for some revenue by and large with sort
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of vulnerable groups like oil and gas and out of state -- out of country corporations, people they think they can raise taxes on. >> it's a tune the american people keep hearing over and over and every again and just doesn't end. we have to leave it there. thank you very much. >> good to talk to you. >> tapped out, is the government about to tap into your 401k? by something this guy just said may be raising that fear. >> and look who is speaking in favor of gun control today. can't make this stuff up. >> i take out the trash. every move that is hard to get atlelele -- this is great. i'm a people person. i'm a conservative investor. but that doesn't mean i don't want to make money. i love making money. i try to be smart with my investments. i also try to keep my costs down.
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>> probe is taking his gun troll
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show on the road, this time to miami where -- too to minneapolis and is making calls for gun legislation. >> president obama is on the road to bill support for what he believes are common sense proposals to curb gun violence. minneapolis was selected because it has taken action and had results in terms of bringing down firearm use by the criminals. while the president is clearly trying to apply pressure to washington, the big question is how tar harry reid would be willing to good he is willing to move a bill including trafficking and background checks. the president says it's time to get it done. >> there's no reason why we can't get that done. that is not a liberal idea or a conservative idea. it's not a democratic or republican idea. that is a smart idea. we want to keep those guns out of the hands of folks who shouldn't have them. senators from both parties have also come together and proposed a bill that would crack down on
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people who buy guns only to turn them around and sell them to criminals. >> there's been a great deal of talk about the used of universal background checks about the nra says it won't work in the real world. >> it's a fraud to call it universal. it's never going to be universal. the criminals aren't going to comply with it. they could care less. you're not going to computerize the mental health records. so here's what is going to health we ought to quit calling it university checks. the real title ought to be the check on law-abiding people all over the country. >> after president obama told a reporter he shot skeet all the time the white house released this photo over the weekend. it was all the buzz on twitter. tomorrow a bipartisan group of legislationors have legislation to effect gun trafficking. not clear how far the house will go. >> thank you. minneapolis not all that far away from chicago, which is
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seeing major surge in the murder rate right now. so why not make his push there? charles payne. >> this is important topic. chicago murder rate is 19 per 100,000. the national average is only 4-point or so per 100,000. he should be doing this from chicago. >> he should. and chicago already hayes very tough gun laws that is very similar the gun laws he is saying if he had them across the nation would preevent this thing. there were over 500 murders last year in chicago. 42 last month. and there's a lot of things and let's face it, it's for the most part political. most of these major cities, chicago d.c., all runs by democrats. chicago being run by rahm emanuel. don't want to stir that up but there's sort of politically incorrect aspect of this thing. we missed a big opportunity here. what happened in newtown was a chance to go after real true violence in the culture that makes it okay to take another life.
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not talking about the occasional crazy but i'm talking about kids in chicago, shooting each other over lyrics on a rap record. that kind of stuff. and it's amazing because there's no one else in the country who can address this the way the president can address it, and still all we've gotten is that lawful gun owners, the nra is the demon here and somehow the taking new gun legislation would be the magic elixir when we have to get to the evens of these. going to minneapolis? that's like going to butte, montana, to announce a crackdown on insider trading on wall street. it's ridiculous. >> one thing he said is we don't want our police outgunned. that's well and fine. don't we also not want our law avoiding citizens outgunned with bad guys. >> we also don't want kids killing each other. just thinking it's okay to kill another kid. let's face it. in chicago, it's for the most
1:17 pm
part it's black-on-black violence. the president won't talk about it. it's a damn shame. she be at the funeral for the girl who was at his inauguration. he should be talking about this. you're letting a most amazing opportunity go by. of course the president pushing the police officers -- no one wants the police outgunned. we're not talking about the police being outgunned. we're talking about kid getting off a bus and getting shot in the streets, every single day. >> in chicago at a higher rate than anywhere necessary thecoun. charles, it's important to note that chicago has a handgun ban. literally not allowed to have a hundredgun. no permits issued for handguns in the city of chicago, yet the murder race is soaring. it's hard to make the case they're blaming the gun. >> it's hard to make the case of blaming guns in general. this is accountability and responsibility but it's the same core argument.
1:18 pm
people aren't fat because they're irresponsible. they're fat because there's a mcdonald's in their neighborhood. people don't kill other people. the guns kill the people. this is an ideological argument that is leading to massive murders in the country, and the president can stick to his anotherrology but he is mosting the most amazing opportunity he will have to make a dent in this problem. >> do you shoot skeet? jivite shot a shot gun. >> when the clay pigeon comes out it goes up in the air, right? you don't fire at the -- you lead it. so, for a gun to be going off when it's straight, look at that. i don't know. maybe he's not a very good skeet shooter. >> i was a marksman in the air force and that stock looked a little high on the collarbone. >> got to leave it there. thank you very much. >> the guy known as rambo now ramping up calls for gun control but perhaps sylvester stallone should check out his own movie.
1:19 pm
watch. >> i take out the trash. every move heat hard to get at. i'm a people person. >> okay. let's called bullet to the head. the name of the movie and he is pushing gun control. jamie says this is hollywood hypocrisy at its finest or worst. >> it's one of those things. if you have a movies glorifying guns and violence, which i think sylvester stallone is the epitomy0. probably not the best spokesperson for gun control. you see other places in hollywood. you have a lot of hollywood stars who themselves have body guards or body guards to protect their children, who often carry guns, speaking out for gun control. so, these type of things often tick off a lot of americans who are lawful gun rights owners,
1:20 pm
wondering why people in hollywood look down on them with scorn when they themselves are using guns. >> are you related to harvey wine do -- win steen? >> i am nose. >> these guys race a lot of money for president obama and make pretty darn violent films do they not? >> absolutely. >> would this be considered hollywood hypocrisy when they're making very violent films, yet raising money for a guy who wants to push back on -- push forward gun control laws? >> i think there's an air of hypocrisy, they support him for a host of different reasons but when they themselves just personally hypocritical, that they are -- a lot of them are advocating for strict gun control laws when they're -- there's a famous incident a decade ago with rosy o'donnell advocating for gun control and you found out her bodyguard applied for a gun permit.
1:21 pm
>> i wouldn't call that hypocrisy, celebrities are the targets of crazy people. here's where it becomes hypocritical for me. when president obama outlined his four gun law initiatives and then he outlinees some 23 executive orders he signed. how many times he mentioned violence in films? zero. you know how many times he mention violence in video games? one time. theirin lies the hip cross. >> and the moral superiority these celebrities have. yesterday day jim carrey tweeted that anyone who went to buy a gun after the newtown massacre noose soul or heart worth protecting. that type of language that is not very helpful and seems like someone is out of touch out there looking down in scorn, being scornful. >> we have to leave it there. thank you, sir. >> thank you. >> not so okay.
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>> so you've been sock away cash. now the government its looking to cash in. new question about the future of your retirement money as we get word the government wants to help manage it. the head of the financial protection bureau saying that's one of the things we're exploring and we're interested in it. >> i'm a little concerned. >> i'm a little concerned, too. if the government can help manage your retirement fund does that mean it can also borrow
1:26 pm
from it? the first question is, okay, can the government do a better job protecting my money than i can? if you think about this more, is this about nationalizing our retirement savings and 401k and can the government borrow from hit? 401k savings in the country, $14 trillion and you have baby-boomers starting to retire, and the consumer protection bureau is looking for this phenomenony all these retirees are coming in looking to cash out. >> why do they want access? >> so that the fsb is saying they're concerned about baby-boomers becoming victims of financial fraud. are you the best police officer for your own investment funds or the government? >> so, can they borrow against it? that's the $64,000 question. once they get their hands on it, can say they let's take a loan.
1:27 pm
>> here's the issue too. right now how is the government paying its bells? fed policy is printing money, and that devalues the value of the dollar. >> i cannot remember an instance where the government can manage anything better than the private sector could. thank you very much. >> katie worries more government intervention means fewer wealthy americans and a lot more people needing help. >> absolutely. look, this is insanity. people who but money into their 401ks do it to get away from the government. they know that social security, which is something set up by the government to help manage people's money to help people in retirement, they know that social security won't be there. so they put this into their 401k, and now the government is a saying, look at all this money over here. maybe we can use it to our
1:28 pm
advantage. but they shouldn't be touching it because anytime day touch something private it turns into a complete disaster and this will give the government the able to were re mow, which means spend more. >> katie, it sounds like they want to manage it the way they've managed or mismanaged the associating -- social security trust fund. >> that's exactly what the government does. the social security system was set up to pay for your retirement when you get older. the fact it that's been a slush fund for other programs. the whole lock box notion has never worked. and now that money is not going to be there. and so they're looking at the 401k is doing the same thing and this is the first time the government has been eyeing the 401k system. a year ago they looked at it in terms of getting rid of tax incentives that encouraged people to save, but in the long run only going to create more problems because people put my in the 401k to be private and
1:29 pm
away from government and depep dent on the government when they retire. this will only if the government touches it, allow them to be more dependent on the government. >> katie, never one to shy away from a good conspiracy theirry. let's say they entice you to put money into the 401k. tax breaks. so this pool gets bigger and bigger. and $19 trillion. so the big pool gets bigger and maybe they do want to manage it. may they want get to their grimy little hands on it. >> of course they do. what does the government not want to get their tax money hands on? the government needs money. this is a place where they have money. where private citizens have taken the time, unlike washington, dc, to make a budget to put aside that money into a private retirement account and now the government is saying, look, there's all this money over here, we're in a crisis where we don't want to cut spending. we don't want to deal with the
1:30 pm
into it. ment crisis which is driving the problem and the reason why peel actually put money into their 401k in the first place, and of course the government is interested in this. they never saw dollar they at any time want to take advantage of. >> want to comment on the fact that president obama missed yet another budget deadline today? >> absolutely. he is above the law and this aspect. harry reid there is with him. and the republicans get heat for not have anything ideas but they're the ones actually following the law. so president obama is busy campaigning for this progun control. meanwhile they're without a budget for 1400 days now on capitol hill. so see wrist goes. >> thank you very much. >> thanks. >> okay. first the monkey. now look who iran might be sending off into space. that guy right there block
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♪ >> we told you about the monkey iran claims it sent into space last week. now iranian president mahmoud ahmadinejad wants to be the nation's first at astronaut, saying he is ready to sacrifice himself for the scientists.
1:35 pm
space officials say they plan on sending a bigger rocket with a larger animal before that happens. >> and a new poll, 64% of voters say the u.s. border isn't very secure. is she the person to decide who it is. napolitano independent has the final say. a former ins agent says that doesn't mean she is the best judge when it is secure. you don't think she is a good judge of the bored center. >> not at all. this is the evil leapt of having al capone the --
1:36 pm
>> we talk about the plan with the eight senators, said that the border needs to be secure first before they implement some of the other initiatives within the plan. but -- >> if not her, then who? >> the border exists in all 50 states. second of all, the entire immigration system lacks integrity. the united states citizenship and immigration services, which is a division of dhs, an agency so screwed up i've come to call it the department of homeland surrender, there's no integrity. the program the president implemented under the dreamer business there's no face-to-face interviews. we're talking about people who could not past muster by coming in legally. they might willwell be terrorists or criminals or fugitives. >> napolitano works for whom? >> the president of the united states. >> the president says we don't need to secure the border first. >> right. >> does it make sense there's no ensive ten forrant napolitano to
1:37 pm
say we need to secure the bored center. >> she is going to say, sure thing, boss. you say the border is secure, i tell you it's secure. that's the false metric. my concern is that we are giving out as it turned out the there's been a report that said, guess what, we have dozens of naturalized citizens who went on to become terrorists and spies. there is so little integrity 0 to the naturalization process. >> talk to me about that. you saw president ahmadinejad. why is that concerning? why did that jog your memory? >> this should be concerning to everybody. we know there are growing number of iranian shock troops flying directly from taken to venezuela. if you go to venezuela, it's very easy for ahmadinejad to transform himself into miguel, cross the border, even with venezuelan travel documents and then claim to be somebody hen't and use it. in fact we know that's exactly
1:38 pm
you he terrorists, that's how they got here. political asylum by committing frauds, am necessary city. one of the terrorists in the '93 trade center attack gout agricultural amnesty, claiming he worked for a farm in florida. the only thing he planted was bomb in the garage of the world trade center. >> you think there's a definite threat of terrorists coming across the border whether it's venezuela through mexico, we could see terrorists on u.s. soil? >> could see? i think it would be unbelieve we would. no of course. we know that america is in their cross-hairs and then you have millions of new authorized workers at a time when americans account find work? that's when we have immigration laws to protect in the jobs of americans. what they want to do now flies in the face of both of those priorities. >> thank you very much. >> thanks for having me. >> not just our borders that
1:39 pm
need tighter security. reports chinese hackers are behind cyberattack, and pete barnes on the latest. a growing problem, is it not? >> you're absolutely right. it's a big problem, and a new government intelligence report to be released shortly is expected to call the growing number of chinese cyberattacks a threat to the u.s. and its economy. the report will be coming after the washington post, "the new york times" and the wall street journal announced attacks on their commuter systems, suspected of coming from chine newscast. twitter said on friday extremely sophisticated hackers from an unidentified place may have stolen user names, e-mail addresses and passwords of 250,000 customers, just a few hundred e-mail accounts hit after the department of energy. the u.s. has made little progress in the negotiations
1:40 pm
with china to stop the cack it denies it's behind. >> they are our number one adversary, whether you think militarily in the cyberdomain, economic, when you look at economic espionage, chine china is our biggest threat. >> now the u.s. is considering new economic and diplomatic steps to fight chinese hacking according to fortunately times. that will include more information sharing between washington and private companies to protect critical systems and infrastructure like power grids and communications systems. administration officials won't comment on the specific cybersecurity plan. eric? >> peter, we'll leave it there. a growing problem in america. the government promised a most energy efficient super bowl ever. then this happens. any coincidence? and don't feel like shopping -- become a mailman.
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i'm with scottrade. (announcer) scottrade... ranked "highest in customer loyalty for brokerage and investment companies." >> big problems in the big ease? city officials continue to seek answers into why the superdome lost power during the super bowl. just one day after the department of energy called the super bowl the, quote, greenest in history. here's more. did weuncover the reason? >> not quite yet. we have some sort of explanation but we're still getting to the bottom of this, eric. it was a blackout felt round the world. 35 minutes is how long football fans everywhere had to wait before the power went back on and the new orleans super dome, and this ironically just a day after the department of energy went on to praise the energy efficiency of the superdome. in fact the doe boasting on the agency's web site several of the dome's features, including
1:45 pm
26,000 l.e.d. lights, making sunday's game, quote, the greenest super bowl in history. well, we all know what happened next. the biggest blackout in super bowl history. power supplier pointing fingers at the super dome's management company. the two issued a statement the ap shedding light on the exact change of events. a piece of equipment senses an abnormality in the system, causing power to be partially cut. we'll continue to investigate the root cause of the abnormality. i don't think football fans have -- >> we can eliminate the beyoncé factor. people talking about it on social network and twitter but roger goodell saying there's no
1:46 pm
indication this was caused by the halftime show. >> from no lights to red lights in an effort to avoid almost $700 in traffic tickets in east cleveland, ohio, lawyers for the united states postal service are arguing their employees are not obligated to follow state and local traffic laws, but are they right? let me start with stacy. are you saying -- i think i know where rebecca is coming down on this. postal mailmen shouldn't have to adhere to traffic laws? >> the postal service did not word that well. they have to adhere the traffic laws but if they don't, they're immune, which means the federal government has federal immunity, and so do it employees. so if a postal worker violates a traffic law or commits a negligent act on the road they can't be sued or prosecuted and
1:47 pm
nobody can recover any money from the federal government. >> that do you think? >> i think that, quite frankly, is inappropriate position for the postal service to take. there is a limited liability and immunity to liability with the postal service in that it is a federal agency. so they're saying, as the state, cleveland you can't collect from us. then they said in their letter, oh, but we'll still apply and adhere to the laws. how are you adhering to laws if you're not paying when you break them? >> there's no penalty to breck the law. how many people are going to pay attention. >> they're not going to pay attention, and i hate to say it because i don't want to advocate this position but they dent have to there's a difference, though. if one of the postal workers gets into a postal truck and they're drunk and they drive on the road, that individual can be prosecuted for drunken driving but you can't sue the postal service for an accident resulting from the drunk driving. federal immunity. it's broad, it covers everything. >> do they not need insurance,
1:48 pm
then? on their trucks? >> they're self-insured because there are ways around that. if the post office -- take this example, their driver had a tendency to be drunk and should have pulled him off the road, the same with police officers. if they're a predilection to problems we know about prior, then the post office could be responsible. so there's so many little weird ins and outs. but the reality is their drivers, in this case they claim they're a red light and some violations. >> you know what drives me absolutely bonkers? when i'm looking for a parking spot and there's a guy with a diplomat plate who parks in front of a fire hydrant. >> forget it. diplomatic immunity you can't get past that for a second. bothal immunity? the government has almost the same exact situation. >> if i get the spot he can run
1:49 pm
me over with his car and not have any recourse? >> that individual caused you bodily injury, then as an individual they can be prosecuted. but under the auspices of they were doing their duty for the federal government you might be out of luck. >> has immunity? >> i'm tellle you, there are ways around it, but the way our constitution is set up these governmental authorities, you can't -- they can't pay revenue to a state. so the post office can't pay revenue to ohio so that's how this letter was drafted. well, we can't pay -- there's no mechanism for us to send money to you so we're immune. not really. you cant go through red lights in a postal truck. but a driver in a bad accident was held responsible and as was the post office. >> how did that happen? >> that the -- >> in another state, and someone ran over somebody, hurt
1:50 pm
somebody, and the drive was held responsible and the post office? >> yes, they were. the reason that's happening is because all the states hear thunder work under the auspice's of federal um mean the but states are finding loopholes to find the postal service responsible. you need a lawyer. at it like a bulletproof vest and tough to breach. but the federal government is spending money to litigate $700 in tickets. >> we are being told that there are significant developments in the alabama hostage situation. a press conference expected soon. we'll have more after this. it should be under stephens. the verizon share everything plan for small business. get a shareable pool of data... got enough joshua trees? ... on up to 25 devices. so you can spend less time... yea, the golden barrels... managing wireless costs and technology and more time driving your business potential.
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>> we're being told there are significant developments in the alabama hostage situation. initial reports say the boy is released. a press conference expected soon. we're at the scene. jonathan? >> a hotbed of activity going on behind me. a number of minutes ago, a lot of people here at the scene where the press are gathered, herd some sort of a boom. thin noticed activity going up the hill behind me. now a law enforcement source is saying initial reports indicate that the suspect in the bunker is dead and that the boy has been released. we have no further details at this point, but if this report is true, this is certainly good news. many people in this community had thought this standoff might drag on for some time. in fact a former police officer had launched a campaign on facebook to collect birthday cards that she could spend to,
1:55 pm
at the very least, the boy's family on his upcoming sixth birthday, but these initial reports are true, it appears that this boy will be able to celebrate his sixth birthday at home, with his family, where he belongs. back to you. >> jonathan, any word as to when the press conference is supposed to start? >> yeah. authorities say they would have a press conference in 30 minutes. that announcement came 15 minutes ago. so, just within a matter of minutes we should be getting more details from the authorities, and hopefully confirmation of these very favorable initial reports the boy has been released. >> jonathan, just recap that one more time for people who might be tuning in right now. tell us the condition of the boy and the kidnapper. >> the initial reports that we're receiving, we're hearing from a law enforcement source
1:56 pm
that initial reports indicate that the boy has been released from the bunker, and that the suspect, who was holding him captive, is deceased. we don't know the boy's exact condition, although all reports earlier, when he was in the bunker, law enforcement authorities believed that he was holding on, he was doing okay, and that he was being taken care of as best as possible by the man holding him captive. so we have no reason to believe he was injured. but again, initial reports suggesting this little boy, this five-year-old boy, who has been held captive in this bunker, coming up on seven days, has been released and the man holding him captive is deceased. >> we were seeing video of a medic truck or van. is it believed that the suspect is in that truck? >> we don't know. we did see an ambulance leave the scene. an ambulance that had been parked here throughout the ordeal, but it would only be
1:57 pm
speculation as to whether the suspect is in the ambulance, the suspect's body, or whether it was a nonemergency transport of the boy. we simply don't know. >> one more time, boom, loud noise. can you describe that again? >> started out earlier this afternoon. people here at the press site where all of the media are assembled across the street, many people here heard some sort of boom but couldn't tell whether it was gunfire, whether it was an explosion or whether it was simply the back of a truck shutting. couldn't tell what it was. but some sort of boom that got everybody's attention. noticed some movement up the hill, vehicles moving up the hill that you see behind me. just beyond the police command post across the street from us. and then these initial law enforcement reports saying that the initial report suggest that the boy has been released and the man holding him hostage in the bunker is dead.
1:58 pm
>> we're going to leave it there. we're awaiting a press briefing that could happen went the next 10 or 15 minutes. we'll keep you informed of what's going on. jonathan, thank you very measure -- thank you very much. it appears the five-year-old boy may be released and the kidnapper may be dead. we'll stay on it. keep it tuned right here and give you the latest. ♪
1:59 pm
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